Celine American Shorthair Adult Female in Richmond, Virginia

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Do you love the song 'Wrecking Ball' by Miley Cyrus? Do you have the coordination of a newly born giraffe? Do you love singing at the top of your lungs no matter who's listening? If you answered 'yes' to any of these questions, then Celine is your soulmate.

Celine is...for lack of a better word, unique. She doesn't know how to keep her tongue in her mouth. She's the single most affectionate cat on the planet, and doesn't believe in personal space. She is beautiful and fearless-- she's never met a human, canine, feline, or rabbit she doesn't like. ...even if they don't like her.

Celine has no idea when another critter is giving her strong 'back off' vibes, because she can't hear their protests. She is completely deaf, and probably has been since she was born. Do you love to vacuum? Maybe you have a roommate that's learning how to play the trumpet? She could not care less. She is content to sleep blissfully through any chaos until you wake her with a gentle pet, at which point she leaps up like a kid who just remembered it's Christmas morning.

But back to the demolitions expert side of things... what do you get when you cross a love bug with that one friend who swears she's sober until her heels are in the air and she's laughing so hard you're both about to pee your pants?

You get a Celine, of course!

Celine has a neurological problem similar to Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a condition where the part of the brain that controls movement didn't fully develop. Her issue isn't quite the same, but she has a mild version of the same unsteady, wobbly walk that makes CH cats so ridiculously precious. But unlike a lot of animals with CH, Celine can still jump up on chairs, tables, your lap, and so on... she's just really, really bad at it.

That plate of food that was on the table and is now on the floor? Oops.

That precious figurine you put up high to protect it? Oops!

Those open wounds on your arm because somebody wanted attention and you were right there and she's so close to making it into your lap and obviously isn't going to let go and try again when she can just climb you like an excited baby bear? Ooooooops!!

Celine needs a home that will not only respect her needs, but will cherish her for how goofy and wonderful they make her. She needs as much love and affection as it is humanly possible for a person to give, and infinite patience to accept the adorable chaos she brings. If you're ready to be that person, please reach out!


Celine is a five year old, all black Domestic Shorthair cat. She is spayed and vaccinated, and tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia virus. There is no treatment for her hearing loss or mobility issues.
If you have any questions or would like to adopt Celine, please reach out to the adoption group directly. PetSmart Charities does not facilitate the adoption process. Thank you.

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